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The "Iron Island" of Cyclades

Serifos is a small Greek island located in Cyclades island complex in the Aegean Sea, still unspoiled by mass tourism. It is characterized by beautiful sandy beaches, picturesque villages and low vegetation. 

Chora is the capital town located at the hilltop of the island since the ancient years, and the castle on the very top of it offers magnificent views of the whole island, along with an amazing sunset. 

Although Serifos shares all the characteristics of the typical Cycladic islands, it also bears a part of modern history that is unique. Iron and copper mines existed in Serifos since the antiquity till  the 19th century. In 1916, a  miners' strike against the German mining company (at that time, the island was under German occupation) became one of the first instances of Greeks fighting for  their labor rights. Ruins of the abandoned mines are scattered and visible all over the island.

Some of the most well-known beaches in Serifos are Psili Ammos, Ganema, Koutalas, Agios Sostis and Vagia. Serifos local products include honey, cooking herbs, traditional pastry and cheese.


Serifos island map, σέριφος, κυκλάδες, cyclades
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