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This is my story

My father being from Crete and my mother from Serifos, my summers have always been shared between these two islands. Both places rich in culture and tradition, crystal blue waters and enticing surroundings, made me dream about the way that would allow me to spend more time there rather than in Athens, where I was living and working  till then as a musician and a sound engineer.

Following a friend's advice, I started attending some apiculture seminars at the Institute of Agronomic Sciences, first on an amateur level and then professionally. And then, my love for Serifos and bees blended together and suddenly it all made sense!


At the same time, working closely with bees made me develop also a passion for photography. Being allowed to enter their micro-world and watch how this natural society operates, can only bring you a sense of admiration and awe.

So, in time I deployed a small beekeeping business in Serifos, in the area of Agios (Saint) Panteleimon.

The hives are located close to the chapel of Agios Panteleimon, where I am also a "ktitor" (according to the traditions of the island, a person responsible for the maintenance and operation of the chapel). The celebrations in the Saint's name take place every year on July 26 with a very nice feast at the chapel, with traditional music and food.


As a small local producer, I offer only limited quantities of honey every season. The honey produced in Serifos is mostly of two types:  Wild flower honey, produced in the spring from honey from wild lavenders and other wild flowers, and Thyme honey, produced in the end of summer.


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