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Taking the occasion of the declaration of the World Bee Day by the United Nations on May 20, Hellenic Post (ELTA - the official Greek postal services provider) circulates a set of commemorative stamps featuring beekeeping photography by Nikos Kokolakis! 


Nikos Kokolakis, beekeeper and owner at Frygana, has been shooting bees and beekeeping processes for the past 5 years. His love and admiration of bees is obvious throughout his photography work, and probably this was the reason he became known among fellow Greek beekeepers. Following Nikos's activities, when the time came for the Apicultural Association of Saronic Gulf to propose for a Greek photographer to be featured on ELTA's project, no one could be more suitable than him.



This commemorative set of stamps featuring bees consists of four stamps of variable value, and will be officially presented to the press on May 23, 2018 at Plaza Resort Hotel (Anavyssos, 19013 - Attica) at 7.00 p.m. 

Frygana, nikos kokolakis beekeeping photography, invitation, collectible stamps, ELTA presentaton
frygana, nikos kokolakis beekeeping photogaphy, collectible stamp,  ELTA
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