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Cookies Policy

What Are Cookies

A cookie is a very small encrypted text file that can be placed by a website in a computer or any other internet enabled device when visited, if the user agrees. They allow the website to recognise your device and remember if you've been to the website before. Most websites use cookies as they cannot function effectively without them.

Our website uses cookies. These are used for a variety of reasons. Some are essential for certain pages to function effectively (for example, contact form). Others are used to analyse visitor behaviour which assists us in improving your experience when visiting our site.

Should you wish to amend the cookies settings used on this site this can be done using the settings of your Internet browser. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set on your computer and how to manage and delete them, visit:


Cookies at

Like most websites, we use cookies to make Frygana website experience the best it can be. We have a commitment to constantly improving your website experience. In order to achieve this, we use cookies to track user behaviour anonymously. With this essential insight we analyse patterns and trends providing us with the data to make the website better for you. No personal information is captured by the cookies, they are totally anonymous. For example, if you complete the contact form on the site, none of your personal information is linked to the cookie data.

We are diligent in data protection and use our anonymous cookie data responsibly. If you need any further information about cookies, or would like to explore ways in which you can disable cookies then please visit:


Please see our Privacy Policy to learn how we make use of the personal information that we may collect on this website.

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